Air pollution


•           Pollution is the addition of substances in the environment in quantities that are harmful to living beings.

•           Air is getting polluted day by day because of various human activities.

•           Burning of fuels such as coal and petroleum, excessive burning of fuels such as wood and coal, smoke and harmful gases released from industries, smoke released by vehicles, and machines releasing gases are the major causes of air pollution.

•           These gases spread in the air and spoil the quality of air, thereby making it impure.

•           Air pollution has major effects on plants, animals as well as human beings.

•           Harmful gases present in polluted air make breathing difficult.

•           Air pollution also leads to a lot of lung diseases, such as asthma and lung cancer.

•           Air pollution also damages crops.

•           If we do not start looking after the quality of air around us, living beings on Earth would get badly affected, since the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels will no longer be balanced.

•           There are a number of ways by which we can reduce air pollution. Some of them are:

            – Planting more and more trees.

            – Recycling plastics.

            – Regular checking of vehicles for emission of harmful gases.