Control and coordination Worksheet-18

Control and coordination Worksheet-18


Subjective questions:

  1. Where is glucagon secreted? What is its function?


  1. Name the plant which shows nastic movement.


  1. Name the pigment which responds to light duration.


  1. Which growth hormone is present in the tip of a stem?


  1. Name the hormone which causes stem elongation and leaf expansion.


  1. Which hormone is used for artificial ripening of fleshy fruits?


  1. Name the gland which is exocrine as well as endocrine.


  1. Which hormone deficiency causes dwarfism?


  1. Which hormone is released during child birth?


  1. Which is known as emergency gland?


  1. What is the function of testosterone?


  1. Name the temporary structure in female which is endocrine in nature.


  1. What is the function of cerebrospinal fluid?


  1. What is the function of cerebellum?


  1. What is the significance of reflex action?


  1. Name the fluid that is found between the meninges.


  1. Which part of the brain is concerned with memory, will and power?


  1. Name the two systems that control and coordinate all other systems in human body.


  1. Give the functions of oxytocin hormone.


  1. Name the connective tissue covering of the brain.



  1. Glucagon is secreted in the α-cells of islets of Langerhans. Function of glucagon is to increase the blood glucose level.


  1. Mimosa pudica (Touch-me-not).


  1. Phytochrome.


  1. Auxins.


  1. Gibberellins.


  1. Ethylene.


  1. Pancreas.


  1. Growth hormone.


  1. Oxytocin.


  1. Adrenal gland.


  1. Testosterone controls the secondary sexual characters in male.


  1. Placenta.


  1. Cerebrospinal fluid provides protection from injuries and mechanical shocks.


  1. Cerebellum controls the coordination of body movements and posture.


  1. Reflex action enables the animal to respond quickly and relieves the brain from excess of work.


  1. Cerebrospinal fluid.


  1. Cerebral hemisphere.


  1. Nervous system and Endocrine system.


  1. Oxytocin hormone regulates the ejection of milk during lactation.


  1. Meninges