Life Processes Worksheet-27

Life Processes Worksheet-27


Fill in the blanks:

  1. _______ nutrition is broadly classified as holozoic, saprophytic and parasitic.


  1. In cuscuta, ticks and lice ______ type of nutrition is present.


  1. Alimentary canal extends from the mouth to the______.


  1. Partial digestion of starch takes place in the oral cavity by ______ enzyme.


  1. The _______ acid creates an acidic medium which facilities the action of the enzyme pepsin in stomach.


  1. Epithelial lining of ______ has gastric glands which secrete gastric juice.


  1. Removal of undigested food from the body is called___.


  1. The nutritional process in which organisms feed on dead and decaying matter is known as ______.


  1. Substances obtained by living organisms from food and used as a source of energy and raw material for the biosynthesis of body constituents are known as______.


  1. Organisms which obtain their food from other organisms are called ______.


  1. All heterotrophic organisms depend directly or indirectly on the _______organisms for their food and energy requirements.


  1. All ______ obtain their nutrition by heteroptrophic mode of nutrition.


  1. ______ means conversion of complex substances to simpler ones with the help of digestive/ hydrolytic enzymes.


  1. Process by which food is taken inside into buccal cavity is known as_______.


  1. Amoeba shows ______ type of heterotrophic mode of nutrition.


  1. Holozoic nutrition is a type of nutrition in which ______ food is converted into ______ form by the action of digestive enzymes.


  1. The process by which amoeba expels out waste in surrounding is known as _______.


  1. Human beings are ______ as they obtain their food from both plants and animals.


  1. ______canal extends from mouth to anus.


  1. Food is ingested into ______ cavity in human beings.



  1. Heterotrophic

  2. Parasitic

  3. Anus

  4. Ptyalin/ salivary amylase

  5. HCL

  6. Stomach

  7. Egestion

  8. Saprophytic

  9. Nutrients

  10. Heterotrophs

  11. Autotrophic

  12. Animals

  13. Digestion

  14. Ingestion

  15. Holozoic

  16. Complex, simpler

  17. Exocytosis

  18. Omnivores

  19. Alimentary

  20. Buccal