Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-1

Carbon and its compounds Worksheet-1


Fill in The Blanks:

  1. ____ bonds are present between carbon atoms in saturated hydrocarbons.

  2. The formula of Buckminster fullerene is _________.

  3. ________ is the general name of the class of compounds having general formula CnH2n.

  4. ______ is the name of sixth member of homologous series carbon compounds represented by the general formula CnH2n–2

  5. The number of carbon atoms in decanoic acid is _________.

  6. Fuels burn with yellow flame when oxygen supply is ________.


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. The hexagons and pentagons in Buckminster fullerene are arranged in the form of:

(A) Tetrahedron                               (B) Triangle

(C) Icosahedron                               (D) Truncated Icosahedron


  1. The name of the compound of formula C4H8O2 is:

(A) Propanoic acid                           (B) Butanol

(C) Butanone                                    (D) Butanoic acid


  1. The member next to propanal is ____ in the homologous series of ____.

(A) Butanone, Aldehyde                 (B) Butanal, Ketone

(C) Butanal, Aldehyde                     (D) Butanone, Ketone


  1. The difference in molecular masses of two consecutive of homologous series is:

(A) 1                     (B) 14                   (C) 16                   (D) 18


  1. The IUPAC name of the given compound is:


(A) Butanol          (B) Butanal          (C) Pentanal        (D) Pentanol


  1. Name the functional group present in CH­3COCH2CH3.

(A) Aldehyde       (B) Ketone           (C) Hydroxyl        (D) Carboxylic


  1. What are the products formed in the given reaction?

(A) CO + H2O       (B) CO2 + H2O      (C) CO + CO2        (D) CO2 + H2 + H2O


  1. Which of the following compounds will give substitution reaction?

C2H6, C3H6, C4H6, C7H16

(A) C2H6,C7H16, C4H6                         (B) C3H6,C4H6,C7H16

(C) C2H6,C3H6                                    (D) C2H6,C7H16

  1. The IUPAC name of the given compound is: CH3 – C ≡ C – CH2 – CH3

(A) Butyne           (B) Pentyne         (C) Pentene         (D) Butene


Answer key:

  1. Single

  2. C60­/ C60/ C 60

  3. Alkene/Alkenes

  4. Hexyne

  5. 10/ ten

  6. Insufficient

  7. (D)

  8. (D)

  9. (C)

  10. (B)

  11. (D)

  12. (B)

  13. (B)

  14. (D)

  15. (B)