“Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful”.


•      Safety is the condition of being safe (protected).

•      Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.

•      Accidents can cause serious injuries.

•      So, we should be careful and follow safety rules to avoid them.

Figure 1: Accidents caused by avoiding safety rules


Road Safety:

•      Being careless on the road can lead to serious accidents.

•      That is why safety on the road is very important.

•      There are many signs that we see on the road, that help in reducing the risk of accidents.

•      They also help to regulate traffic.

•      These signs are called traffic signs or road signs.

Parking car in NO PARKING zone is an offence


•      Road signs make use of pictures and symbols.

•      We must read and follow the road signs for our safety.

Figure 2: Some road signs

•      Pedestrians and cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users.

•      In some countries, they constitute half of all road deaths due to accidents.


Some Road Safety Rules:

•      Sidewalks of suitable width should be available.


Safety from Fire:

•      A fire can be caused due to different reasons like:

  1. Carelessness while handling burning matchsticks, candles, firecrackers, etc., is one of the main causes of fire.
  2. Electrical faults can cause fire.
  3. Accidents while cooking and gas leaks in the kitchen can also cause fire.
  4. Fire hazards can be prevented by following some simple rules.
  5. One must be very careful while handling fire. Special care should be taken while burning firecrackers.
  6. Electrical appliances and wiring should be checked regularly for faults or breaks in the plastic covering of the wires.
  7. Nylon and synthetic clothes should not be worn while burning firecrackers or while cooking. This is because synthetic clothes catch fire easily.

Figure 3: Following safety rules while handling fire

•      A fire can be put out by the following methods:

  1. In case of a major fire (e.g., that in a building), the nearest fire station should be informed.
  2. Fire caused due to electrical faults is never put out using water. (That is because electricity can flow through water)

Figure 4: Fire extinguisher

•      In case a person's clothing catches fire, roll him/ her on the floor to control the flames quickly and pour water on him/her.

•      If a fire blanket is handy, it may be used but water is better.