Uses of hand-picking method


  1. The quantity of the mixture is small.
  2. The unwanted substance is present in smaller quantities and the size, shape, or colour of the unwanted substance is different from that of the useful one.



  • It is a simple and convenient method of separating particles of different sizes.

e.g.: A small sieve is used for sifting flour.

It has small holes which allow only very fine flour particles to pass through.

  • The smaller component passes through the pores of the    sieve whereas the larger component is left behind in it.
  • There are different types of sieves which are used in cooking:
  1. Flour sifter: It is used in baking.
  2. Colander: A bowl shaped sieve is used as a strainer in cooking.
  3. Mesh strainer: It consists of a fine metal mesh screen on a metal frame.