Sound Worksheet-12

Sound Worksheet-12


  1. The frequency of a given sound is 1.5k Hz. How many vibrations is it completing in one second?


  1. Which part of the human body is responsible for producing sound?


  1. What is the length of vocal cords in men?


  1. Can sound travel in vacuum?


  1. What is meant by oscillatory motion?


  1. Give the unit in which frequency is measured.


  1. How are amplitude and loudness of sound related?


  1. How are frequencies of a sound and pitch related?


  1. Whose voice has a higher frequency – man or woman?


  1. What is audible range of sound?


  1. What is range of audible sound?


  1. Name the equipment which works at frequencies greater than 20,000 Hz.


  1. How is ultrasound used in industry?


  1. Which animal can hear sounds of frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz.


  1. What is noise?


  1. What is meant by base loudness level?


  1. In which unit loudness is expressed?


  1. What is meant by noise pollution?


  1. If the frequency of a sound is below 20Hz, will be audible to human beings?


  1. Name the SI units of (i) time period (ii) frequency


  1. In which state of matter dose sound travel the (i) slowest (ii) fastest?


  1. What happens to sound when it strikes a surface?


  1. Why do we hear the sound of the horn of an approaching can before the care reaches us?


  1. Name any five sources of sound.


  1. What is vibration?


  1. How do plants help in reducing noise pollution?


  1. How can we control the sources of noise pollution?


  1. How can a hearing impaired child communicate?


  1. What is relation between loudness of sound and amplitude?


  1. If the amplitude increases 3 Times, by how much will the loudness increases?