Motion Worksheet-15

Motion Worksheet-15


  1. Is displacement a scalar quantity?


  1. State whether distance is a scalar or a vector quantity.


  1. Change the speed of 6 m/s into km/h.


  1. What name is given to the speed in a specified direction?


  1. Give two examples of bodies having non-uniform motion.


  1. Name the physical quantity obtained by dividing ‘Distance travelled’ by ‘Time taken’ to travel that distance.


  1. What do the following measure in a car?

(a) Speedometer              (b) Odometer


  1. Name the physical quantity which gives us an idea of how slow or fast a body is moving.


  1. Under what conditions can a body travel a certain distance and yet its resultant displacement be zero?


  1. In addition to speed, what else should we know to predict the position of a moving body?


  1. When is a body said to have uniform velocity?


  1. Under which condition is the magnitude of average velocity equal to average speed?


  1. Which of the two can be zero under certain conditions: average speed of a moving body or average velocity of a moving body?


  1. Give one example of a situation in which a body has a certain average speed but its average velocity is zero.


  1. What is the acceleration of a body moving with uniform velocity?


  1. What is the other name of negative acceleration?


  1. Name the physical quantity whose SI unit is :

(a) m/s                  (b) m/s2


  1. What type of motion is exhibited by a freely falling body?


  1. What is the SI unit of retardation?


  1. Displacement is a …………… quantity whereas distance is a ………….quantity.



  1. Displacement is a vector quantity and its units are meter, kilometer etc


  1. Distance is a scalar quantity and its units are meter, kilometer etc


  1. 21.6 km/h

6 × 60 × 60/1000


  1. Velocity


  1. Walking from home to office.

A ball dropped from roof of a tall building travels unequal distances in equal intervals of time.


  1. Speed


  1. A speedometer or a speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a land vehicle

An odometer is an instrument that indicates distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or automobile


  1. speed


  1. When the body comes back to its starting point. For an example a body is completing one round of a circular track.


  1. Direction of speed


  1. A body has a uniform velocity if it travels in a specified direction in a straight line and covers equal distances in equal intervals of time.


  1. When the body moves along a straight line path.


  1. Average velocity. If displacement of a body is zero then its average velocity will be zero.


  1. Movement around a circular track. In this case the displacement after one complete round is zero hence velocity will be zero.


  1. Zero (0)


  1. Retardation (or Deceleration)


  1. (a) Speed (or Velocity) (b) Acceleration


  1. Non uniform motion


  1. m/s2


  1. Vector; scalar