Pronouns Worksheet-14

Pronouns Worksheet-14


Supply the correct pronoun:

  1. “Amit, this notebook of _____ has been checked,” said the teacher.

A. Your               B. You                 C. Yours             D. Your’s


  1. Mina found this necklace last week. No one has claimed it so it is now _____.

A. Her                 B. Hers               C. His                 D. She’s


  1. Please give me a call this evening, _____ would like to talk to you.

A. She                 B. He                  C. Them             D. I


  1. Have you seen the Red Fort? ____ has a lot of national importance.

A. She                 B. It                     C. He                  D. They


  1. In India, rivers are considered to be holy; no one should dirty _____.

A. It                     B. Her                 C. Them             D. They


  1.  ____ friends and I are going to eat at a restaurant. ____ will be back by 10 o’clock.

A. Mine, us        B. We, I              C. I, they            D. My, we


  1. Hitesh and Anil are best friends. ____ do almost everything together.

A. Them             B. He                  C. They               D. She


  1. Do they know who ____ am?

A. He                  B. She                 C. It                     D. I


  1. These books belong to the Shah sisters. The books are _____.

A. There’s          B. Theirs            C. Their              D. Them’s


  1. The teacher told _____ that Saturday will be a working day next week.

A. Mine              B. I                      C. Us                   D. We


Answer Key:

  1. C

Explanation: ‘Amit’ is being spoken to; hence the second person possessive pronoun ‘yours’ is used.


  1. B

Explanation: ‘Mina’ is a female name; hence the feminine possessive pronoun ‘hers’ is used.


  1. D

Explanation: ‘Me’ is a first person pronoun; hence the personal pronoun ‘I’ is used.


  1. B

Explanation: ‘Red Fort’ is a name of neuter gender; hence the neutral pronoun ‘it’ is used.


  1. C

Explanation: ‘Rivers’ is a plural common noun; hence the plural pronoun ‘them’ is used.


  1. D

Explanation: ‘My’ friends because the first person pronoun ‘I’ is used. My friends + 1 = we.


  1. C

Explanation: ‘Hitesh and Anil’ = plural; hence the plural pronoun ‘they’ is used.


  1. D

Explanation: Only ‘I’ is used with ‘am.’


  1. B

Explanation: The plural possessive pronoun is ‘theirs.’


  1. C

Explanation: ‘We’ = plural and so the plural object pronoun ‘us’ is used.