Food-Our Basic Need Worksheet-5

Food-Our Basic Need Worksheet-5


Multiple Choice Questions: (More than One Option)

  1. Energy is required:

(a) To play                  (b) To work                 (c) To study

(d) To exercise


  1. Nutrients:

(a) Repair our body

(b) Give us energy to do our work

(c) Protect us from falling sick too often

(d) Help us to fly in the air


  1. Tick the different groups of food.

(a) Carbohydrates     (b) Fats                        (c) Vitamins

(d) Energy


  1. Tick the different groups of food.

(a) Minerals               (b) Proteins                (c) Roughage

(d) Water


  1. Tick the foods that contain carbohydrates.

(a) Eggs                       (b) Pulses                    (c) Cereals

(d) Chocolates

(e) Bread


  1. Tick the foods that contain proteins.

(a) Fish                        (b) Meat                      (c) Egg

(d) Milk                       (e) Sweets


  1. Proteins help us:

(a) to build muscles

(b) to grow

(c) to repair the tissues


  1. Tick the foods that contain fats.

(a) Cereals                   (b) Pulses                    (c) Oil

(d) Butter                    (e) Ghee                       (f) Cheese


  1. Tick the foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

(a) Milk                        (b) Fruits                     (c) Vegetables

(d) Liver                      (e) Oil                           (f) Cheese


  1. Tick the minerals from the following:

(a) Calcium                 (b) Sodium                  (c) Iron

(d) Iodine                    (e) Sulphur                


  1. Tick the calcium rich foods.

(a) Milk                        (b) Curd                      (c) Almond

(d) Paneer                   (e) Meat                       (f) Egg


  1. Milk is rich in:

(a) Fat                         (b) Mineral                 (c) Vitamin

(d) Protein                  (e) Roughage


  1. Tick the iron-rich foods.

(a) Beetroot                (b) Spinach                  (c) Carrot

(d) Apple                     (e) Milk                        (f) Curd


  1. Tick the methods of preserving the food.

(a) Drying                   (b) Pickling                 (c) Canning

(d) Bottling




  1. (a, b, c, d)
  2. (a, b, c)
  3. (a, b, c)
  4. (a, b, c)
  5. (c, d, e)
  6. (a, b, c, d)
  7. (a, b, c)
  8. (c, d, e, f)
  9. (a, b, c, d)
  10. (a, b, c, d, e)
  11. (a, b, c, d)
  12. (a, b, c, d)
  13. (a, b, c, d)
  14. (a, b, c, d)