Growing plants from roots, stems, and leaves


•      Plants can grow not only from seeds but also with the help of their roots, stems, and leaves.

A.     Roots that can grow into New Plants:

•      The plants whose roots can grow into new plants are:


•      Carrot, radish, turnip, beetroot, dahlia, sweet potato


B.     Stems that can grow into New Plants:

•      Potato and onion are the stems that grow into new plants.


Potato                                        Onion

•      Some plants can grow into a new plant with just a stem cutting of the mother plant.

For example:

•      rose, hibiscus, money plant, hyacinth, tulip, blackberry, grapes, sugarcane, fig


Leaves that can grow into New Plants:

•      Young plants arise along the edges of some leaves.

•      Complete plants can be grown from these leaves if they are placed in moist soil.


For example:

•      Bryophyllum leaf


Tissue Culture:

•      Plants can be grown even from a single cell by using a technique called tissue culture.


Growing plants in a flask        Growing plants in a petriplate

Growing plants from a single cell

•      The cells are grown in a special substance that contains all nutrients required for plant growth.



  1. If a hibiscus stem is planted in the sand, and provided with favourable conditions of nutrient, water and sunlight. Will it be able to grow into a new hibiscus plant?

Ans: No, it will not grow.

  1. A whole beetroot and its middle portion are sown in different places in the soil which is rich in nutrients. They are watered regularly and also get sufficient sunlight. What will be observed after some days?

Ans: The whole beet root will grow into new plant and the other one will get rotten as the roots of beet root grow into new plant.


  1. Which will grow faster? (a) A twig of a money plant grown in a bottle with water and soil or (b) sown in the garden near by a tree? Give reason for your answer.

Ans: The money plant which has been sown in the garden will grow faster as it is a climber and together with soil, nutrients and water it also needs support to grow.


  1. We have only an eye/bud of potato with us. With which technique, we’ll be able to get a whole potato plant?

Ans: We’ll be able to get a whole plant by tissue culture method.


  1.  We use flask and beaker in the tissue culture method. What else can be used to place a single cell of any plant to get a whole new plant?

Ans:  We can use petri dish in tissue culture method.