Tense mixed review Worksheet-55

Tense mixed review Worksheet-55


  1. The groundskeeper ____the grass.

A. Is mowing     B. mow               C. Has mowed  D. Is mow


  1. The computer ____a command.

A. Has processed                          B. Have processed

C. process                                       D. Had processed


  1. Aunt Jarina  ____a picture.  She is almost finished.

A. Has paint                                   B. Have painted

C. Has painted                              D. Is painting


  1. My dog ____and wagging its tail.  It must be excited.

A. Is jumping                                 B. Has jumped

C. Was jumping                            D. jumped


  1. The rain ____very fast now.  I think a big storm ____this way. We had better get prepared.

A. Has fallen, is coming              B. Is falling, is coming

C. was falling, is coming             D. was falling, was coming


  1. The old man ____his pipe.  He ____about his grandchildren.

A. Is smoking, is thinking           B. Was smoking, is thinking

C. Smoked, thought                     D. Smokes, think


  1. Anita ____in a race.  She ____to win. I think he can.

A. Is running, is trying                B. was running, is trying

C. Was running, was trying        D. Runs, tries


  1. I (tell)____a bedtime story to my children, but I don't think they(listen) ____.  Their eyes are closed.  I think they (sleep)____.

A. Am telling, are listening, are sleeping

B. was telling, are listening, are sleeping

C. Am telling, are listening, were sleeping

D. was telling, were listening, are sleeping


  1. The comedian ____funny.  The audience ____at his jokes.

A. Was acting, was laughing      B. Was acting, is laughing

C. is acting, was laughing           D. Acts, laugh


  1. It ____cold outside and my son ____high up in the mountains.  I hope he ____up there!

A. Is getting, is camping, doesn’t freeze

B. Is getting, is camping, freezes

C. Is getting, is camping, doesn’t freezes

D. Is getting, was camping, doesn’t freeze


  1. Aarav ____a novel.  He ____a poem.

A. Isn’t writing, is writing           B. Isn’t writing, was writing

C. Was n’t writing, is writing     D. Doesn’t write, is writing


  1. My uncle and his friend ____at the lake today. They ____at the beach.

A. Are fishing, are not fishing

B. were fishing, were not fishing

C. were fishing, are not fishing

D. Fish, don’t fish


  1. Bimal ____in the shower.  He has a nice voice!

A. Is singing                                   B. Was singing

C. sang                                            D. Has sung


  1. You ____the President tonight. He ____you to talk about the new proposal.  Are you ready?

A. Are meeting, is expecting

B. were meeting, was expecting

C. Are meeting, was expecting

D. Meet, expects


  1. The breeze ____on our faces.

A. Has softly blowing                   B. Is softly blowing

C. Were softly blowing                D. Softly blow


  1. The dog is very hungry.  He ____all of his food.

A. Is quickly eaten                        B. Has quickly eating

C. Is quickly eating                       D. Quickly ate


  1. Jay ____, now that he is in college.

A. Rarely exercises                       B. Rarely doesn’t exercise

C. Doesn’t exercises                     D. Never exercise


  1. Be careful!  You ____the paint.

A. Have almost spilled                B. Has almost spilled

C.  almost spilled                          D. are almost spilled


  1. The police ____traffic at the intersection.

A. Has abruptly stopped             B. Have abruptly stopped

C. was abruptly stopped             D. Have abruptly stop


  1. When ____the bus leave?  I hope we ____not too late!

A. Does, are      B. Do, are          C. Did, are         D. Is, are


Answer Key:

(21)-A; (22)-A; (23)-D; (24)-A; (25)-B; (26)-A; (27)-A; (28)-A; (29)-A; (30)-A; (31)-A; (32)-A; (33)-A; (34)-A; (35)-B; (36)-C; (37)-A; (38)-A; (39)-B; (40)-A