Natural fabrics



•    Natural fabrics are made of fibre that either comes from:

      (1) An animal (hair, fur, and feathers)

      (2) A vegetable (such as cotton or hemp)

      (3) A mineral (i.e. fibreglass)

•    Fabric making can be dated back to over 10,000 years ago with the use of flax, a type of linen, in ancient societies.

•    Farmers around the world produce a wide variety of natural fibres, planting crops and rearing animals.

•    Natural fibres are generally considered more environmentally friendly than synthetics in their production and disposal.

•    However, there is great variation depending on the fibre and the growing conditions.

•    Natural Fibers are breathable.

•    Natural Fibers are renewable.

•    They’re incredibly comfortable for human skin.