Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-4

Some natural phenomenon Worksheet-4


  1. What is called the sudden shaking or trembling of the earth lasting for a very short time?

(A) Lightning                                 (B) Earthquake

(C) Thunderstorm                        (D) Volcanic eruption


  1. What is the reason of earthquake?

(A) Excessive soil pollution        (B) Excessive deforestation

(C) Excessive flood                      (D) Disturbance in the earth’s crust


  1. What is the uppermost layer of the earth called?

(A) Humus        (B) Soil               (C) Crust            (D) All


  1. The weak zones, where earthquakes are more likely to occur are also known as-

(A) Seismic zones                         (B) Richter zone

(C) Terrible zone                          (D) None

(E) All


  1. The power of an earthquake is expressed in terms of a magnitude on a scale called-

(A) Cardiac scale                          (B) Richter scale

(C) Cranial scale                           (D) Seismic scale


  1. Really destructive earthquakes have magnitudes ______ on the Richter scale.

(A) Equal to 7                                (B) Less than 7

(C) Higher than 7                         (D) None


  1. Earthquake that attacked Bhuj, Gujarat had magnitude-

(A) More than 5                            (B) More than 6

(C) More than 7                            (D) More than 8


  1. Where is the Central Building Research Institute is situated?

(A) Lucknow     (B) Banaras      (C) Roorkee      (D) Kanpur


Answer key:

  1. (B)

  2. (D)

  3. (C)

  4. (A)

  5. (B)

  6. (C)

  7. (C)

  8. (C)