Habitat of the living Worksheet-4

Habitat of the living Worksheet-4


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. _________ are also called 'rainforests of the sea'.

(A) Coral reefs     (B) Estuaries


  1. _______ leaves are not able to bear the freezing winter.

(A) Narrow          (B) Thin                (C) Broad


  1. The leaves of cactus are modified as _______ to minimize water loss.

(A) Spines            (B) Thrones          (C) Flowers


  1. ________ feet helps camel in walking on sand without sinking in it.

(A) Padded          (B) Webbed         (C) Broad


  1. A camel, when thirsty, can drink up to ________ litres of water in just 10 minutes.

(A) 75                   (B) 100                 (C) 120


  1. In plants, the water evaporates mainly through _______ in the leaves.

(A) Leaves            (B) Stomata         (C) Stems


  1. The Baobab tree can survive periods of low water availability by storing water in its _______.

(A) Stems             (B) Trunk             (C) Leaves


  1. Leaves of _________ trees have specialized tips, called drip tips.

(A) Deciduous     (B) Boreal            (C) Tropical


  1. Organisms adapt to their habitat by the following means. Choose the odd one:

(A) Changes in growth                    (B) Changes in behaviour

(C) Changes in location


  1. The largest animal in the world is the _________.

(A) Blue whale    (B) Elephant        (C) White whale


Answer Key:

  1. (A)
  2. (C)
  3. (A)
  4. (C)
  5. (C)
  6. (B)
  7. (B)
  8. (C)
  9. (A)
  10. (A)