Safety & First Aid Worksheet-6

Safety & First Aid Worksheet-6


True or False:

  1. We can avoid most of the accidents that take place around us if we are careful.

  2. Accidents may take place inside as well as outside our house.

  3. We should not play on road.

  4. We should never follow traffic rules.

  5. Many accidents can take place at home if we are careless.

  6. We should follow some safety rules when we are in the  bathroom.

  7. We should not follow any safety rules when we are in the kitchen.

  8. Tongs should be used while holding wet things.

  9. We should never keep panhandles turned away from the edge of the cooking counter.

  10. Thick towel should be used while holding hot things.


Answer Key:

  1. True

  2. True

  3. True

  4. False

  5. True

  6. True

  7. False

  8. False

  9. False

  10. True