Soil Worksheet-6

Soil Worksheet-6


Multiple -Choice Questions:

  1. Plants get most of their nutrients from the ______.

(a) topsoil          (b) bottomsoil


  1. What should be built across rivers to stop floods?

(a) Dams                     (b) Houses


  1. What is the protection of soil from erosion known as?

(a) Soil conservation

(b) Soil erosion


Multiple Choice Questions: (More than One Option)

  1. Soil is made up of:

[A] Rocks                                       [B] Dead plants and animals

[C] Water                                       [D] Air


  1. Soil is home to:

[A] insects         [B] animals       [C] humans


  1. Tick the three types of soil.

[A] Gravel          [B] Clay              [C] Sand

[D] Pebbles       [E] Humus


  1. Tick the factors on which the type of soil depends.

[A] Size              [B] Feel              [C] Colour

[D] Pressure     [E] Temperature


  1. Soil erosion increases when:

[A] We cut down trees.

[B] We do not grow crops using the correct methods.

[C] There are strong winds.

[D] It rains heavily.

[E] We plant trees.


Answer Key:

  1. A
  2. A
  3. A
  4. A,B,C,D
  5. A,B
  6. A,B,C
  7. A,B,C
  8. A,B,C,D