Metals and non metals Worksheet-12

Metals and non metals Worksheet-12


One Words Questions:

  1. Which element is used as reducing agent in Thermite reduction process?

  2. After calcination the ore becomes ______. (Porous/hard)

  3. Carbonate and Sulphide ores are usually converted into their _____ during the process of extraction.

  4. Name one method for refining of metals.

  5. Sulphide ores are converted into their oxides by-

  6. At which electrode oxygen gas is obtained during electrolysis of molten aluminium oxide.

  7. Which element is used to reduce cassiterite (SnO2) tin oxide to tin.

  8. What are the products obtained in the given reaction? Copper(II)oxide  +   Copper(II)sulphide

  9. What is the electrolyte used for electrolytic refining of copper.

  10. Impurities present in copper settle at the bottom of electrolytic cell below the anode in the form of _____

  11. An ore which gives carbon dioxide on heating or on treating it with dilute acid is a _______ ore.

  12. An ore which gives sulphur di-oxide on heating in air is a ______ ore.

  13. An ore which gives H2S (hydrogen sulphide) gas on treatment with dilute acid is a ______ ore.


Answer key:

  1. Aluminium

  2. Porous

  3. Oxides.

  4. Electrolytic refining

  5. Roasting.

  6. Anode.

  7. Carbon

  8. Copper and Sulphur dioxide.

  9. Copper sulphate.

  10. Anode Mud

  11. Carbonate

  12. Sulphide ore.

  13. Sulphide.