My first day in School


Play the video and listen to the comprehension

My first day in School

Hi! I am Khushi. My first day in school was memorable. I woke up early that day. I was very excited. My mom packed my favourite Pav-bhaji for the lunch. My parents took pictures of me at the bus stop. I never sat in a bus before so I was scared. The children in the bus were noisy but the ride was fun. My class teacher was Mrs. Mira. She was a great teacher. She told us many stories. I made many friends in my class. I will always remember my first day of school.


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Refer the given composition to answer the following questions:

  1. How did Khushi feel on her first day of school?

      (A) nervous         (B) excited           (C) frightened      (D) sad


  1. What did mom pack for her lunch?

      (A) Sandwich       (B) Pasta              (C) Pav-bhaji       (D) Dosa    


  1. What did the parents do at the bus stop?

      (A) stood in the bus line                  (B) talked with conductor

      (C) talked with other children        (D) took pictures


  1. Who was Khushi’s class teacher?

      (A) Mrs. Mira      (B) Mrs. Sita        (C) Mrs. Kiran      (D) Mrs. Nira


  1. Where did Khushi make new friends?

      (A) at the bus stop                          (B) at the play ground

      (C) in the class                                 (D) in the assembly


  1. How did Khushi feel for her bus ride?

      (A) worried          (B) happy             (C) sad                 (D) scared


  1. How many times Khushi sat in a bus before?

      (A) once               (B) frequently      (C) never              (D) sometimes


  1. When did she wake up that day?

      (A) early               (B) 9 o’clock        (C) late                 (D) 8:30


  1. What were the children doing in the bus?

      (A) singing                                        (B) studying        

      (C) making noise                              (D)looking outside


  1. How was her first day in school?

      (A) tough             (B) memorable    (C) boring             (D) tiring


Answer keys
1. (B); 2. (C); 3. (D); 4. (A); 5. (C); 6. (D); 7. (C); 8. (A); 9. (C); 10. (B)