Alphabetical order worksheet-2

Alphabetical order Worksheet-2


Multiple-Choice Questions:

Arrange the words in alphabetic order:

  1. hat, hit, hot, hut

(a) Hut, hit, hot, hat                        (b) Hat, hit, hut, hot

(c) Hat, hit, hot, hut                        (d) Hut, hat, hit hot


  1. bit, bib, big, bin

(a) Bib, big, bin, bit                          (b) Big, bit, bin, bib

(c) Bit, bin, big, bib                          (d) Big, bit, bib, bin


  1. can, cot, cat, cut

(a) Cut, can, cat, cot                        (b) Cut, cot, cat, can

(c) Cat, can, cot, cut                        (d) Can, cat, cot, cut


  1. clap, slap, flap, map

(a) Map, clap, flap, slap                  (b) Clap, flap, map, slap

(c) Slap, map, flap, clap                  (d) Clap, map, flap, slap


  1. fun, bun, gun, pun, sun, run

(a) Bun, gun, fun, run, sun, pun     (b) Gun, bun, fun, run, sun, pun

(c) Bun, gun, fun, pun, run, sun     (d) Bun, fun, gun, pun, run sun


  1. ban, but, bit, big, bat, bun

(a) Bit, big, ban, bat, bun, but        (b) Ban, bat, big, bit, bun, but

(c) But, bun, bit, big, bat, ban        (d) Bun, bat, ban big, bit, bun


  1. Tom, Dan, Ben, Guy, Max    

(a) Dan, Ben, Tom, Guy, Max         (b) Dan, Max, Ben, Tom, Guy

(c) Ben, Dan, Guy, Max, Tom         (d) Ben, Dan, Max, Guy, Tom


  1. dog, cat, cow, pig

(a) Cat, cow, dog, pig                       (b) Cat, dog, pig, cow

(c) Cow, cat, dog, pig                       (d) Pig, dog, cow, cat


  1. ball, drum, car, gun

(a) Ball, car, gun, drum                   (b) Ball, car, drum, gun

(c) Car, gun, ball, drum                   (d) Ball, drum, car, gun


  1. horse, goat, tiger, fox, lion

(a) Fox, goat, horse, lion, tiger       (b) Goat, fox, horse, lion, tiger

(c) Goat, horse, fox, lion, tiger       (d) Fox, goat, horse, tiger, lion


  1. duck, dog, ant, cat, bird

(a) Bird, cat, duck, dog, ant            (b) Ant, bird, cat, duck, dog

(c) Cat, ant, bird, dog, duck            (d) Ant, bird, cat, dog, duck


  1. Kate, Mona, Tina, Jane

(a) Jane, Kate, Mona, Tina              (b) Kate, Jane, Mona, Tina

(c) Mona, Tina, Jane, Kate              (d) Tina, Mona, Kate, Jane


  1. orange, apple, banana, grapes, guava

(a) Apple, banana, grapes, guava, orange

(b) Apple, banana, guava, grapes, orange

(c) Apple, orange, banana, grapes, guava

(d) Orange, guava, grapes, banana, apple


  1. onion, tomato, potato, cabbage, radish

(a) Cabbage, tomato, potato, onion, radish

(b) Tomato, onion, potato, radish, cabbage

(c) Cabbage, onion, potato, radish, tomato

(d) Cabbage, potato, radish, tomato, onion


  1. hen, duck, pigeon, parrot

(a) Duck, hen, parrot, pigeon         (b) Duck, hen, parrot, pigeon

(c) Duck, parrot, pigeon, hen         (d) Parrot, hen, pigeon, duck


Answer Key:

  1. C

Sol: A is the first vowel, then comes I then O and finally U

  1. A

Sol: Leave the first two letters and then understand that B comes before G, G is before N and N comes before T

  1. D

Sol: Follow the vowels and the last letters of each word: Vowel order – A – O – T and finally N comes before T

  1. B

Sol: C comes before F, F before M and M before S

  1. D

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – B – F – G – P – R – S

  1. B

Sol: First follow the vowels – A – I – U and then take care of the last letters of the words – (N – T) then (G – T) and finally (N – T)

  1. C

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters only – B – D – G – M – T  ( do not get confused with the vowels)

  1. A

Sol: Follow the order of the letters – C – D – P but also pay attention to the vowels (A – O) in the words beginning with C.

  1. B

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – B – C – D – G

  1. A

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – F – G – H – L – T

  1. D

Sol: First follow the order of the first letters – A – B – C – D, but do not forget the order of vowels in dog and duck (O – U)

  1. A

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – J – K – M – T

  1. A

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – A – B – G – O as well as the order of the second letters for the words beginning with G (R – U)

  1. C

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters – C – O – P – R – T

  1. B

Sol: Follow the order of the first letters D – H – P as well as the order of vowels for parrot, pigeon (A – I)