English & Logics Worksheet-4

English & Logics Worksheet-4


  1. My bicycle cost Rs. 8500. Sarla's bicycle cost Rs 10600. Sarla's bicycle was ______ than mine.

A. newer                                         B. better

C. more expensive                        D. less valuable


  1. Ronak said he fixed my cycle, but it is still ______.

A. repaired        B. clean              C. broken           D. expensive


  1. Ms. Manya lives next door to me. She is my ______.

A. mother          B. teacher          C. doctor            D. neighbor


  1. The pool is very ___. I cannot touch the bottom of it.

A. deep               B. cold                C. shallow          D. Blue


  1. The coins were ______ after Rahi polished them.

A. dirty               B. shiny              C. heavy             D. expensive


  1. The carpenter uses a ______ to pound nails. He uses ______to pry them back out.

A. hammer ... pliers                     B. shovel ... goggles

C. screwdriver ... gloves              D. tape ... screws


  1. The pot was made thousands of years ago. It is ______.

A. old                  B. new                C. ugly                D. fake


  1. Before Alan can move into his new apartment, he has to ___ the contract.

A. form               B. make              C. sign                D. read


  1. You should be ______when you are using a ___.

A. smart ... pencil                         B. mean ... stick

C. careful ... knife                         D. friendly ... phone


  1. Although Anuj knows his lines for the play, he is still ___.

A. nervous         B. angry             C. thirsty            D. ready


Answer Key:

(1)-C; (2)-C; (3)-D; (4)-A; (5)-B; (6)-A; (7)-A; (8)-C; (9)-C; (10)-A