Measurement Worksheet-3

Measurement Worksheet-3


  1. 0° C = _____ °F

A. 37                    B. 32                  C. 100                 D. 212


  1. Instrument used to measure the temperature is:

Protractor                                      B. stethoscope

C. thermometer                            D. none of these


  1. 302° F is ____ ° C

A. 105                  B. 155                  C. 150                 D. 205


  1. The freezing point of water on the Fahrenheit scale is:

       A. 0°F                 B. 212°F              C. 32°F               D. 37°F


  1. Boiling point of water on the Celsius scale is:

       A. 0°C                 B. 212°F             C. 32°C              D. 100°F


  1. To convert °F to °C formula we use, is:

       A.                             B.

       C.                                D.


  1. 158 °F is ____ ° C.

A. 80                   B. 75                   C. 70                   D. 85


  1. The temperature of an object is found to be 167 °F. What is its temperature in °C ?

        A. 102°C            B. 75°C               C. 167°C             D. 98°C


  1. The temperature of first object is 36°C and that of second object is 36°F. Which is hotter than the other?

A. First object                              B. Second object

C. Both have same hotness        D. Cannot be determined


  1. Clinical thermometers are marked in ______ scale.

A. Celsius                                       B. Fahrenheit

C. Both                                           D. None of these


Answer Key:

(1)-B; (2)-C; (3)-C; (4)-C; (5)-D; (6)-D; (7)-C; (8)-B; (9)-A; (10)-B