Phrasal verbs Worksheet-5

Phrasal verbs Worksheet-5


Fill in the blank with the correct phrasal verb:

  1. The prices of petrol have _____ once again.

A. Gone in                                      B. Gone out

C. Gone through                           D. Gone up


  1. “_____ to the rope while getting down from the mountain.”

A. Hold in          B. Hold on         C. Hold out        D. Hold up


  1. The players were very _____ before the final match.

A. Keyed in                                     B. Keyed out

C. Keyed up                                   D. Keyed down


  1. Children must be taught to _____ from fire.

A. Keep out                                    B. Keep in

C. Keep away                                 D. Keep down


  1. When you buy something, it becomes yours ____.

A. For keep        B. Keepingly     C. For keeps      D. To keeps


  1. The terrorists are still _____. What are the police doing?

A. In large         B. At large         C. For large       D. By large


  1. After searching for four hours, we ____ found the keys under the bed.

A. At first           B. At end            C. At firstly        D. At last


  1. I hope the snacks I’ve got _____ till evening.

A. Last down     B. Last out         C. Last in           D. Last for


  1. My teacher _____ all my mistakes; I’m sure I’ll improve now.

A. Pointed down                           B. Pointed in

C. Pointed up                                 D. Pointed out


  1. Don’t talk of things that are _____. Tell me only the relevant things.

A. Beside the point                       B. Out of the point

C. In the point                               D. Up the point


  1. The speeding car ____ the pedestrian.

A. Ran out         B. Ran from      C. Ran over       D. Ran in


  1. It is quite dark, please ______ the lights of this room.

A. Pull on           B. Pull off          C. Switch on      D. Switch off


Answer Key:

  1. D

Explanation: Gone up = increased


  1. B

Explanation: Hold on = grasp tightly


  1. C

Explanation: Keyed up = tense and excited


  1. C

Explanation: Keep away (from) = avoid, not go near


  1. C

Explanation: For keeps = permanently, for always


  1. B

Explanation: At large = free


  1. D

Explanation: At last = finally, in the end


  1. B

Explanation: Last out = be sufficient


  1. D

Explanation: Pointed out = showed, drew attention to


  1. A

Explanation: Beside the point = irrelevant, unimportant


  1. C

Explanation: Ran over = knocked down, crushed (used especially for vehicles)


  1. C

Explanation: Switch on = turn on = start the lights.