Vocabulary Worksheet-9

Vocabulary Worksheet-9


  1. On the west wall of the library, the painter tried to _____ the county's farming background.

A. sheepish        B. serene            C. depict            D. arid


  1. hatchet

A. a small ax with a short handle that can be used with one hand

B. loss of the ability to read

C. a secluded structure

D. on the leeward side


  1. murmur

A. a feeling of anxiety or apprehension

B. fishing with a hook and line

C. to make a soft muffled, continuous sound

D. to cause irritation


  1. distract

A. of or relating to the Alps        B. by voice; orally

C. a horse that does not win       D. to draw away the attention of


  1. whisker

A. of, in, or caused by the air

B. an elected official of ancient Rome

C. a hazardous undertaking

D. hair growing on the upper lip, cheek, or chin


  1. Contrite means:

A. feeling or showing sorrow and remorse for a sin or shortcoming

B. the scientific study of elections

C. to make a payment or contribution of money

D. howl, wail


  1. A person, place, action, or object that stands for something else, such as a quality, an, attitude, a belief, or a value is

A. personification                         B. symbol

C. simile                                         D. imagery


  1. Grimaced means

A. to express happiness              B. to express sadness

C. to be hurt                                   D. to express pain


  1. familiar

A. to move forward

B. known by many people; easily recognized

C. to give a sketchy outline of

D. to praise or admire


  1. deed

A. related by blood

B. having wing like extensions or parts

C. a constant, worrisome burden

D. an act or action


Answer Key:

  1. C

  2. A

  3. C

  4. D

  5. D

  6. A

  7. B

  8. D

  9. B

  10. D