Continuous Past Tense Worksheet-2

Continuous Past Tense Worksheet-2


Fill in the blank with correct form of the verb.

  1. I started work at 9 o’clock and finished at 4.30. At 2.30 I______.

A. have worked                            B. was working

C. am working                              D. worked


  1. It ______when we went out.

A. Is raining      B. rained            C. was raining  D. rains


  1. I saw Anu and Aashu this morning. They ______at the bus stop.

A. are waiting                                B. were waiting

C. have waited                               D. wait


  1. Anvi _____asleep while she was reading.

A. fell                  B. fall                  C. Is falling        D. Was falling


  1. What ______ (you/do) when the phone ______ (ring)?

A. were you doing - rang            B. are you doing -rings

C. have you done-has rung        D. do you do-rings


  1. A: Was Anisha busy when you went ______ her?

B: Yes, she ______ (study).

A. to see-is studying                    B. to see-was studying

C. see-was studying                     D. to see-has studied


  1. A: What time ______ (the van/arrive) this morning?

B: It ______ (come) while I ______ (have) breakfast.

A. did the van arrive came was having

B. the van arrived was coming had

C. did the van arrive was coming was having

D. did the van arrive came had


  1. A: Was Anusha at work today?

B: No, she ______ (not/go)to work. She was ill.

A. doesn’t go                                  B. is not going

C. was not going                           D. didn’t go


  1. How Fast ______ (you/drive) when the police ______( stop) you?

A. are you driving-stop               B. were you driving-stopped

C. do you drive-stops                   D. did you drive-stopped


  1. ______ (Your team/win) the footballs match yesterday?

A. Did you team win                    B. Did your team won

C. Does your team win                D. Are your team winning


  1. We ______ (play) football. I ______ (kick) the ball and it ______ (hit) the window.

A. played-kicked-hitted              B. were playing-kicked-hitted

C. were playing-kicked-hit         D. played-kicked-hit


  1. Jaya ______ (wear) a very nice jacket in yesterday’s party.

A. wore                                           B. was wearing

C. is wearing                                  D. has worn


  1. A: What ______ (you/do) at 2 o’clock this morning?

B: I ____ asleep.

A. are you doing-was                   B. were you doing-was

C. have you done-was                  D. did you do-am


  1.  I ______ (lose) my key last night.

A. lost                 B. was losing     C. have lost        D. lose


Answer Key:

  1. B

  2. C

  3. B

  4. A

  5. A

  6. B

  7. A

  8. D

  9. B

  10. A

  11. C

  12. B

  13. B

  14. A