Vocabulary Worksheet-17

Vocabulary Worksheet-17


  1. Ancestors means:

A. Descendents                             B. future generations

C. agreeable                                   D. family members


  1. Antonym for unnecessary:

A. mandatory   B. unneeded      C. lenient           D. useless


  1. Identify the correct meaning for pacify:

A. comfort                                      B. allow

C. prevent                                       D. To ease the anger of


  1. Severe means:

A. merciful        B. harsh             C. congenial      D. friendly


  1. Having or showing bad intentions.

A. Deficiency                                 B. Admonishing

C. Dissonance                               D. Malicious


  1. Meaning of ‘defiant’

A. clearly refusing to do what someone tells you to do

B. compare two thing

C. confidential

D. having a firm purpose


  1. I found out later that the Rs. 1 lac offer in the paper was "bogus". Bogus means:

A. alien               B. true                C. boring            D. a prank


  1. sluggish

A. a delusion, something imagined

B. scratch

C. stand against

D. slow, not active


  1. dramatic

A. a delusion, something imagined

B. related to a high emotional point, making a big impression, striking

C. reckless

D. words describing and often supporting an article/novel


  1. You are much too lenient with wrongdoers. Lenient means ;

A. harsh             B. congenial      C. generous       D. friendly


Answer Key:

  1. A

  2. A

  3. D

  4. B

  5. D

  6. A

  7. D

  8. D

  9. A

  10. C