Sound Worksheet-2

Sound Worksheet-2


  1. Choose the correct answer. Sound can travel through:

A. gases only                                  B. solids only

C. liquids only                               D. Solids, liquids and gases.


  1. Voice of which of following is likely to have minimum frequency?

A. Baby girl       B. Baby boy       C. A man            D. A woman


  1. Ear drum is a part of:

A. Sound producing organ         B. Skeletal system

C. Hearing organ                          D. Reproductive organ


  1. The hearing range of human ear is:

A. 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.              B. Less than 20 Hz.

C. More than 20,000 Hz.           D. 20 Hz to 25,000 Hz.


  1. The voice box is also called:

A. Stomach       B. Heart             C. Larynx           D. Mouth


  1. Large amplitude of sound vibrations will produce:

A. Loud sound                               B. make sound

C. slow sound                                D. shreak


  1. The pitch of sound depends on:

A. Frequency                                 B. Amplitude

C. both of these                             D. None of these


Answer Key:

  1. D

  2. A

  3. C

  4. A

  5. C

  6. A

  7. A