Crop production and management Worksheet-10

Crop production and management Worksheet-10


  1. Why should loose soil be levelled?

  2. How is levelling of soil done?

  3. Name the main tools used for ploughing

  4. Name the tool used for removing weeds and loosening of soil.

  5. What is a plough?

  6. How is ploughing done these days?

  7. What is meant by sowing?

  8. What is meant by good quality seeds?

  9. What is the advantage of sowing seeds with a seed drill?

  10. Why is a proper distance kept between .seeds?

  11. What are manure and fertilizers?

  12. What is organic manure?

  13. What are fertilizers?

  14. What is meant by crop rotation?

  15. What is meant by irrigation?

  16. What is the drip system of irrigation?

  17. Why should weeds be removed?

  18. Name the process of removal of weeds.

  19. What are weedicides?

  20. What is meant by harvesting?

  21. How is harvesting done in our country?

  22. Name the farm machine used for harvesting and threshing both.

  23. What is meant by winnowing?

  24. How are food grains stored?

  25. Why should grains be dried before storage?

  26. What is meant by animal husbandry?

  27. Name some animals from which milk can be obtained.

  28. How is fish useful for us?

  29. Name some animals which are reared for their-meat.

  30. Why is honey so useful?