Microorganisms friends and foe Worksheet-9

Microorganisms friends and foe Worksheet-9


Multiple Choice Questions:

  1. Sodium meta-bisulphite is a/an-

(A) Antibiotic    (B) Antibody     (C) Preservative         (D) All


  1. How sugar works as preservative?

(A) By reducing moisture content

(B) By reducing temperature

(C) By increasing temperature

(D) All


  1. What is the effect of low temperature on microorganism?

(A) It reduces growth                  (B) It kills them

(C) Both                                          (D) None


  1. The process of pasteurization was discovered by-

(A) Hill               (B) Louis            (C) Mendel         (D) None


  1. Which one is a symbiotic nitrogen fixer?

(A) Lactobacillus                          (B) HIV

(C) Rhizobium                              (D) Blue green algae


Multiple Responses:

  1. Microorganisms are classified into-

(A) Protists                                    (B) Bacteria

(C) Viruses                                     (D) Fungi

(E) Algae                                        (F) Plantae


  1. Select the diseases caused by bacteria-

(A) AIDS            (B) Flu                (C) Typhoid      

(D) Cold             (E) Dysentery   (F) Tuberculosis


  1. Select the viral diseases-

(A) AIDS            (B) Flu                (C) Typhoid

(D) Cold             (E) Dysentery   (F) Tuberculosis


  1. What are the roles of bacteria in environment?

(A) Preparation of curd, bread and cake

(B) To study evolution

(C) Cleaning up of the environment

(D) Increases soil fertility

(E) To study cellular organelles


  1. What are the commercial uses of fungi?

(A) Alcoholic fermentation

(B) Lactic acid fermentation

(C) Production of wine

(D) Used for making breads and cakes

(E) Used for making curd


  1. Which of these are antibiotics?

(A) Paracetamol                           (B) Streptomycin     

(C) Ibuprofen                                (D) Erythromycin

(E) Tetracycline


  1. Select the diseases which can be prevented by taking vaccines against them-

(A) Cold             (B) Hepatitis     (C) AIDS            (D) Cholera

(E) Smallpox


  1. What are the means of by which communicable diseases can be transmitted?

(A) Air                                             (B) Food           

(C) Physical touch                        (D) Water

(E) Shaking hands


  1. Select the animals diseases caused by microorganisms-

(A) Anthrax       (B)Typhoid       (C) Elephantiasis     

(D) Foot and mouth disease      (E) Lymphoma


  1. Which of the following is/are chemical preservative?

(A) Sodium oxalate                      (B) Sodium benzoate

(C) Sodium cholate                      (D) Sodium meta-bisulphate

(E) Sodium taurocholate


  1. What are the preservative methods used at domestic level?

(A) Using salt                                (B) Using sodium benzoate

(C) Using oil and vinegar           (D) Heat and cold treatment

(E) Using filtrate


Answer key:

  1. (C)

  2. (A)

  3. (A)

  4. (B)

  5. (C)

  6. (A,B,D,E)

  7. (C,F)

  8. (A,B,D)

  9. (A,C,D)

  10. (A,C,E)

  11. (B,D,E)

  12. (B,D,E)

  13. (A,B,D)

  14. (A,D)

  15. (B,D)

  16. (A,C,D)