The fundamental unit of life Worksheet-2

The fundamental unit of life Worksheet-2


  1. ____ is absent in an animal cell.

A. golgi bodies                             B. Centrosome

C. plasma membrane.                D. cell wall

E. plastids


  1. ____ are present in both plant cell and animal cell.

A. cytoplasm                                  B. plasma membrane

C. plastids                                      D. centrosomes

E. centrioles


  1. The major functional regions of a cell are____.

A. plasma membrane                  B. nucleus

C. cytoplasm                                  D. mitochondria

E. dictyosomes


  1. ____ are not the examples of multi cellular organisms.

A. fungi              B. hydrogen      C. amoeba         D. plants


  1. In prokaryotic cell , cell division takes place by ____.

A. mitotic           B. meiotic          C. fission            D. budding


  1. Prokaryotic cells are found in _____.

A. bacteria                                     B. blue-green algae

C. fungi                                           D. plant cells

E. animal cells


  1. Ribosomes are known as ____.

A. protein factories                      B. engines of cells

C. polar caps                                 D. leucoplasts


Answer Key:

  1. D,E

  2. A,B

  3. A,B,C

  4. B,C

  5. C,D

  6. A,B

  7. A,B