Tissue Worksheet-16

Tissue Worksheet-16


  1. What is the specific function of cardiac muscle tissues?


  1. Define synapse.


  1. What is the function of blood platelets in human body?


  1. Why are smooth muscles called visceral muscles?


  1. What is lignin?


  1. What are vascular tissues?


  1. Which chemical is deposited at the corners of cells in collenchyma?


  1. What is the common name of (i) Xylem (ii) Phloem?


  1. Name the cell which is attached to the lateral sides of sieve tube.


  1. Which type of simple tissue is used for making ropes?


  1. Which tissue protects the entire body?


  1. Give one example each of: (i) Squamous epithelium (ii) Columnar epithelium


  1. Which type of epithelium is present in the organs where exchange of substances takes place?


  1. Give one example of connective tissue in which matrix is solid.


  1. Which tissue is commonly known as 'packaging’ tissue?


  1. Which connective tissue connects bone to another bone?


  1. Name any one structure in our body which bears ciliated epithelium.


  1. Name the following :

(i) Multinucleate muscle fibre.

(ii) Spindle-shaped muscle fibre.


  1. Name the cells that are dead and have no intercellular spaces.


  1. Where are the permanent tissues located in a plant?


  1. Which of the following has living cells: Parenchyma, Collenchyma, Sclerenchyma?


  1. Name some major connective tissues.


  1. When does the tissue formation take place?


  1. What is the main function of sclerenchyma tissue?


  1. Give one difference between smooth muscle and skeletal muscle.


  1. Give two examples of complex tissues constituting vascular bundle in plants,


  1. Name two groups of plant tissue.


  1. Where do you find meristematic tissue in plants?