Housing and Clothing Worksheet-4

Housing and Clothing Worksheet-4


Multiple choice questions: (with more than one option)

  1. Our house protects us from which of the following?

A. Heat               B. Cold               C. Rain               D. Storm

E. Plants


  1. Pucca houses are made of:

A. Mud               B. Straw             C. bricks            D. cement

E. ice


  1. We are nomads. We live in _______.







  1. In villages, houses are mostly made up of:

A. mud               B. sticks             C. straw             D. Red bricks

E. Cement


  1. In cities, houses are mostly made of:

A. bricks            B. iron                C. cement          D. Mud

E. Stick               F. Straw


  1. A house can be:

A. Big                  B. Small             C. Fat                  D. Thin


  1. A good house should (be):

A. Airy                B. Clean             C. Allow sunlight

D. Dirty              E. Dusty             F. Allow germs


  1. A clean house helps us to stay:

A. healthy          B. happy            C. Wealthy

D. Sad                E. ill


  1. Tick the ones which grow in dirty places.

A. Insects           B. Germs           C. Nuts

D. Bananas       E. Tomatoes


  1. What should a house consists to let lots of sunlight in?

A. Doors             B. Windows      C. Tubelight

D. Fan                E. Television


Answer Key:

  1. A,B,C,D
  2. C,D
  3. A,D
  4. A,B,C
  5. A,B,C
  6. A,B
  7. A,B,C
  8. A,B
  9. A,B
  10. A,B