Climate and adaptation Worksheet-6

Climate and adaptation Worksheet-6


Multiple-Choice Question:

  1. The deepest parts of the oceans are approximately:

(A) 90 km deep                                (B) 3 km deep    

(C) 27 km deep                                (D) 11 km deep


  1. Which biome is characterized by heavy rainfall throughout the year, giant emergent trees, sparse ground vegetation, and a great diversity of organisms?

(A) tropical rainforest                     (B) taiga

(C) tropical seasonal forest             (D) temperate forest


  1. Tropical rainforests receive approximately how much rainfall per year?

(A) 300 to 600 cm                           (B) 75 to 125 cm

(C) over 500 cm                               (D) 140 to 450 cm


  1. The greatest variety of organisms in the oceans occurs in the:

(A) open sea surface                       (B) none of these

(C) shallow water                            (D)  deep sea water


  1. Which of the following areas receives little precipitation?

(A) near 30o north or south latitude

(B) near 60o north or south latitude

(C) the equator

(D) all of these receive very little precipitation


  1. Which of the following regions has a Mediterranean climate and is derived from temperate deciduous forests?

(A) Northeastern United States     (B) Tropical rainforests

(C) African savannas                       (D) North America's taiga


  1. Monsoons are characteristic of:

(A) California                                    (B) Antarctica

(C) North Africa                               (D) India and southern Asia


  1. Temperate forests include all of the following except:

(A) evergreen forest                        (B) taiga

(C) deciduous forest                        (D) tundra


  1. Which of the following mammal can withstand body temperature changes throughout the day from 34°C to 41.7°C?

(A) Jack rabbit                                 (B) Camel

(C) Kangaroo rat                              (D) Mountain lion


  1. See the picture carefully and answer the following question.

This is the angle that the Earth's axis of rotation makes to the direction perpendicular to the plane of the Earth's orbit around the sun. Which of the following angle of inclination is correct?

(A) 23.5o             (B) 24.5o             (C) 25.5o             (D) 26.5o


Answer Key:

  1. (D)
  2. (A)
  3. (B)
  4. (C)
  5. (A)
  6. (A)
  7. (D)
  8. (D)
  9. (B)
  10. (A)