Control and coordination Worksheet-29

Control and coordination Worksheet-29


Subjective questions:

  1. Name two parts of autonomic nervous system.


  1. Name the plant hormone that inhibits the growth of plants.


  1. Define the term photoperiodism.


  1. Name the disease that occurs due to deficiency of insulin,


  1. Name three disorders which occur due to improper secretion of growth hormone from anterior lobe of pituitary.


  1. Name alternative name of vasopressin.


  1. Name the hormone which is commonly called 'birth hormone' and 'milk ejecting hormone',


  1. Name the endocrine gland which secretes neurohormones?


  1. Name hormones secreted by posterior lobe of pituitary gland,


  1. Name hormones secreted by adrenal medulla.


  1. Name the endocrine gland which is prominent is childhood and atrophies gradually in the adult.


  1. Iodine deficiency goitre disorder is brought by deficiency of which hormone?


  1. Which cells contain Nissl's granules?


  1. Name four lobes of each cerebral hemisphere.


  1. Write the full form of EEG and name the instrument used for doing EEG of a person,


  1. How many types of brain Waves are recorded in EEG? Name them.


  1. What are the two parts of vertebrate nervous system?


  1. Name the male and female sex hormones.


  1. What causes gigantism?


  1. Name any hormone secreted by adrenal gland and give its function.


  1. Which hormone controls water and electrolyte balance in the body?


  1. What is a neuron?


  1. Name any two types of tropism.


  1. What is phytohormone? Name any two phytohormones.


  1. Mention the receptors for light and sound in animals.


  1. Name the cavity present in the spinal cord.


  1. Name the cavities present in the cerebral hemispheres.


  1. Which is the posteriormost part of the brain? Name the fluid filled cavity present in it.


  1. Name any example of cerebral reflex.


  1. What are the two regions of mid brain?