Verb Notes-4 [Level-5]

Verb Notes-4 [Level-5]


Subject - verb agreement:

Read the sentences:

  1. The child wants a chocolate.

  2. The children want chocolates.

  3. Sentence (1) - verb = wants (singular)

  4. Sentence (2) - verb = want (plural)


More examples:

  1. The dog barks at strangers.

If the subject of the sentence is singular the verb should also be singular.

The dogs bark at strangers.


  1. If the subject of the sentence is plural the verb should also be plural.

You - always plural verb.


You are an intelligent boy.

You all are intelligent children.


More about singular - plural verbs:

Sona and Mona are good friends.


The band plays very good music.


This news is the best that I have heard in a long time.

(News - singular noun (subject). Verb - is - singular.


"Arabian Nights" has very interesting stories.

(Arabian Nights - name of a book - singular subject. Verb - has -singular)


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