Deficiency of minerals




•    Sources: Milk and green leafy vegetables

•    Function: Strengthens bones and teeth and helps in clotting of blood

•    Deficiency disease: Osteoporosis in adults, Rickets in children

•    Symptoms: Brittle bones; excessive bleeding; stunted growth; weak teeth and bones



•    Sources: Cereals, pulses (dal), and milk

•    Function: Strengthens bones and teeth

•    Deficiency disease: Rickets in children

•    Symptoms: Weakening of bones; poor development of bones and nervous system; mental retardation; retarded growth; loss of weight.



•     Sources: Cereals, pulses, meat, and green leafy vegetables

•     Function: Helps in the formation of haemoglobin and red blood cells

•     Deficiency disease: Anaemia

•     Symptoms: Pale body colour; body fatigue; white nails; loss of weight; swelling in hands and feet.



•     Sources: Fish and salt

•     Function: Required for proper working of the thyroid gland

•     Deficiency disease: Goiter

•     Symptoms: Enlargement of the thyroid gland; mental retardation; retarded growth.


Sodium and potassium

•     Sources: Salt and most sea food

•     Function: Helps in maintaining body's water balance

•     Deficiency disease: Body and muscle weakness, Paralysis

•     Symptoms: General weakness; dehydration



•     Sources: Green leafy vegetables, cereals, chicken, and fish

•     Function: Regulates the functioning of muscles and nerves

•     Deficiency disease: Weak muscles and nerves

•     Symptoms: Loss of appetite; upset stomach; sleeplessness



•     Sources: Peas, beans, peanuts, and chicken

•     Function: Strengthens the immune system, helps in cell division and in healing wounds

•     Symptoms: Loss of appetite; retarded growth; anaemia; slow blood clotting



•     Sources: Seafood and tea

•     Function: Makes teeth stronger

•     Symptoms: Increase in tooth decay