Air Pollution-Comprehension worksheet-1


Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions.

Most of the air we breathe is not pure. It contains harmful substances called pollutants. These pollutants cause air pollution. Air pollution is causing lots of damage not only to us but also to animals and plants. More and more people are being affected by air pollution. The kids can't even play outside sometimes. They may suffer from asthma and other breathing problems.


Air pollution can be reduced by planting more trees. Trees use the carbon dioxide present in air for the process of photosynthesis. This way they help in decreasing the level of carbon di oxide in air. Trees also help in bringing rain which helps in cleansing the atmosphere. Factories are equipped with tall chimneys which carry smoke and waste gases high up into the air.

Let’s paint the earth green!


Refer the above paragraph to answer the following questions:

(1)            What do we call the harmful substances contained by the air?

(A) Pollution        (B) Pollute           (C) Pollutants      (D) None of these


(2)            How can we reduce air pollution?

(A) By opening more factories       (B) By planting more trees

(C) By opening more schools         (D) By making more buildings


(3)            Through which process trees cleanse the air?

(A) Photographic                             (B) Photogenic

(C) Phototherapy                             (D) Photosynthesis


(4)            Which one of these helps in cleansing the atmosphere?

(A) Rain                                            (B) Fountain       

(C) Carbon dioxide                          (D) Industries


(5)            What do factories use to release smoke and waste gases in the air?

(A) Tunnels          (B) Chimneys       (C) Purifiers         (D) Vacuum cleaners


(6)            What problems do asthmatic patients face?

(A) Cough and cold                         (B) Headache

(C) Fever                                           (D) Breathing


(7)            Which of these is suffering from air pollution?

(A) Plant                                           (B) Human beings

(C) Animals                                      (D) All of these


(8)            Which of these helps to bring rain?

(A) Plants             (B) Animals          (C) Buildings        (D) Factories


(9)            Fill in the blanks:

(1)            More and more people are ___________from air pollution.

(A) enjoying        (B) suffering        (C) happy             (D) annoyed


(2)            We should help ___________air pollution.

(A) increase         (B) in creating     (C) in stopping    (D) enhance


(10)      State whether the statement is true or false:

(1)            Most of the air we breathe is pure.


(A) True                                            (B) False


(2)            Pollutants cause air pollution.

(A) True                                            (B) False


Answer Key

(1)            (C)

(2)            (B)

(3)            (D)

(4)            (A)

(5)            (b)

(6)            (D)

(7)            (D)

(8)            (A)

(9)            Fill in the blanks:

(1)            (B)

(2)            (C)

(10)      State whether the statement is true of false:

(1)            (B)

(2)            (A)