Conjunctions Worksheet-3

Conjunctions Worksheet-3


  1. _____ Anup _____ Sanju was aware of that notice.

A. Neither, nor                              B. Either, nor

C. If, only                                        D. Rather, than


  1. I would rather stay home ______ go to the concert with them.

A. there              B. neither           C. but                  D. than


  1. Margie cleaned the house _____ Julia fixed the dinner.

A. or                    B. rather            C. also                D. while


  1. I haven't heard from Mrs. Gautam ____ she quit the job.

A. although       B. until               C. yet                  D. since


  1. ____ the package is mailed today, you will receive it by Friday.

A. Of                   B. So                   C. And                D. If


  1. We are trying to decide ____ to support the Republicans or to support the Democrats.

A. while              B. nor                 C. whether         D. so


Write sentence with and, or, but.

  1. Mom helps with homework _____ drives us to school.

A. but                 B. or                    C. and


Write the letter of the group of words that best completes each sentence.

  1. Are these bulls, or _____

A. are they cows?                          C. I like cows too

B. we raise pigs                             D. neither does Sam


  1. I’m getting strong, but _____

A. I have muscles                         C. hard work.

B. lift heavy pails                          D. Dad is stronger


Answer Key:

(1)-A; (2)-D; (3)-D; (4)-D; (5)-D; (6)-C; (7)-C; (8)-A; (9)-D