1. Difference between frogs and toads:

  Toad                                             Frog

       (i)      Frogs usually have smooth skin and long legs for leaping.

(ii)     Most toads have lumpy skin and move their short thick bodies about by crawling.

       (iii)    Both frogs and toads are amphibians.

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  1. Difference between alligators and crocodiles:

       Alligator                                Crocodile

       (i)      Crocodiles have longer, more pointed snouts than alligators.

(ii)     Crocodiles also have very large tooth sticking up on each side when they close their mouths.

       (iii)    Alligators and crocodiles are reptiles.


  1. Difference between monkeys and apes:

 Monkey                              Ape

(i)      The big difference between these animals is that monkeys have long tails, but apes don’t have tails at all.

(ii)     There are lots of different kinds of monkey, but the only apes are gorillas, orang-utans, chimpanzees and gibbons.

       (iii)    Monkeys and apes are mammals.


  1. Difference between rabbits and hares:

    Rabbit                             Hare

       (i)      Hares have longer legs and ears than rabbits.

       (ii)     Their whiskers are longer too.

       (iii)    Rabbits and hares are mammals.


Refer the given text to answer the following questions:

  1. Among all the given animals which animals are reptiles?

(A) Toad and frog                            (B) Alligator and crocodile

(C) Monkey and ape                       (D) Rabbit and hare


  1. Among the given animals how many animals are mammals?

(A) Two                (B) Four               (C) Six                  (D) Eight


  1. The animals that live both on land and in water are known as__________.

(A) Amphibians   (B) Reptiles          (C) Mammals      (D) None of these


  1. The animal that has smooth skin and long legs for leaping is ________.

(A) Hare               (B) Crocodile       (C) Frog                (D) Ape


  1. The animal that has long legs and ears is _______.

(A) Rabbit            (B) Alligator         (C) Monkey         (D) Hare


  1. Chimpanzees and gorillas are:

(A) Monkeys       (B) Toads             (C) Apes               (D) Hares


  1. Whose whiskers are longer?

(A) Hare               (B) Frog                (C) Alligator         (D) Rabbit 


  1. Which animal has a long tail?

(A) Apes               (B) Hares              (C) Monkeys        (D) Rabbits


  1. Which animal has very large tooth sticking up on each side when they close their mouths?

(A) Monkeys       (B) Crocodiles      (C) Rabbits           (D) Frogs


  1. How is the tail of an ape?

(A) Very long       (B) Short              (C) Very short      (D) It has no tail


Answer keys
(1) (B); (2) (B); (3) (A); (4) (C); (5) (D); (6) (C); (7) (A); (8) (C); (9) (B); (10) (D)