This workbook contains :
Part - 2
Intersection of a Line and a Parabola
• Condition of tangency
• The point of contact
 Equation of Tangent in Different Forms
• Tangent at the Point (x1, y1)
Tangent at the Point ‘t’: The equation of tangent, point of contact of all standard parabolas.
• Tangent in the form of slope of the tangent:
The equation of tangent, condition of tangency and point of contact in terms of slope (m) of all standard parabolas.
 Point of Intersection of Tangents at any Two Points on the Parabola
 Equation of Pair of Tangents from a Point to a Parabola
Equations of normals to parabola at (x1, y1) in different forms
• Point form:
• The equation of normals to parabola at point ‘t’
• The equation of normals in terms of slope m
 Point of Intersection of Normals at any Two Points on The Parabola
 Co-normal Points
 Properties of co-normal points:
 Length of Tangent, Sub Tangent, Normal & Sub Normal
Equation of the Chord
 Equation of the Chord of the Parabola which is Bisected at a
Given Point
 Equation of the Chord Joining any Two Points on the Parabola
 Properties of Focal chord joining two points on parabola
Some Standard Properties of the Parabola
Diameter of the parabola