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How to take premium membership of Learners' Planet ?

You can subscribe to Learners' Planet by paying a nominal amount which you can see here


Plugins required for playing quizzes, practice tests, crossword puzzles.

1. Adobe flash

2. Java


What is the difference between free and premium membership ?

You can browse entire site for 100% free. You need premium membership only if you want to print the worksheets.


Can we use the site's study material for teaching purposes ?

Yes, teachers, school, parents and students, everybody can use the content of site for free. Teachers and schools can use the ebooks, quiz, practice sheets in their classrooms also. They can project the worksheets via projector and can also run the quiz sessions in the classes to make the classes more engaging. Content of LP will make your classes more engaging and interesting.


What if as a school we wish to go for premium membership for our students ?

Students, teachers and parents can get the printing facility if they go for premium membership. You can mail us for the premium membership for school or students.



How to take print from dynamic worksheet generator ?


How to take print from Math worksheet generator ?

From Math worksheet generator, you can generate unlimited unique printable worksheets which are available for instant download.

Click here !


Online testing system & Dynamic worksheet generator

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