Serves: 4

Curd …………….…..6 cups

Saffron …………..……2 pinches

 Cardamom powder ….1 tbsp

  Powdered sugar .…..…..4 cups

  Warm milk……………..…..2 tbsp

Chopped pistachio...……1/4 cup

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Prep: 3 hours | Cook: 25 mins | Extra time: 1 hour, chilling

  1. Tie a clean muslin cloth over the rim of a large bowl or pot. Pour the curd in and let the whey drain for a few hours. Press the curd firmly to release any excess liquid. Transfer the curd into a clean bowl.
  2. Soak the saffron threads in the warm milk for 10 minutes. Add it to the curd. Now add the sugar, pistachio, and cardamom powder and mix well.
  3. Refrigerate the shrikhand till it is chilled. Serve cold.


Refer the above recipe to answer the following questions:

  1. What type of curd is used to make the shrikhand?

(A) Thick              (B) Normal          (C) Liquid             (D) Butter milk


  1. How many ingredients are used to prepare this shrikhand?

(A) Eight              (B) Two                (C) Six                  (D) Four


  1. What is the main ingredient of shrikhand?

(A) Milk               (B) Butter milk    (C) Almonds        (D) Curd


  1. Which of these do you need to make shrikhand?

(A) Ghee              (B) Sugar              (C) Butter             (D) Warm water


  1. How many people will be served as per the given quantity?

(A) Three             (B) Two                (C) Five                (D) Four


  1. Which cloth is used to whey the curd?

(A) Woollen         (B) Thick              (C) Muslin            (D) Napkin


  1. In which form is sugar required for the shrikhand?

(A) Powdered                                   (B) Cubes            

(C) Mixed with milk                        (D) Mixed with pistachio


  1. Which ingredient is used to soak saffron?

(A) Sugar             (B) Milk                (C) Curd               (D) Cardamom powder


  1. What is the total time to get the shrikhand ready to be served?

(A) 3 hours & 26 mins                     (B) 3 hours & 30 mins

(C) 4 hours & 25 mins                     (D) 1 hours & 30 mins


  1. How is shrikhand served?

(A) Hot                 (B) Normal          (C) Frozen            (D) Chilled


Answer key
(1) (A); (2) (C); (3) (D); (4) (B); (5) (D); (6) (C); (7) (A); (8) (B); (9) (C); (10) (D)