Measurement Test-1


  1. How many centimeters are in one meter?

      A. 10                    B. 1,000             C. 100                 D. 12


  1. Geet made a handkerchief for her friend. It is 10 units long and 5 units wide. What is the area of the handkerchief?

      A. 5 square units                           B. 50 square units

      C. 40 square units                        D. 60 square units


  1. What is the approximate weight of a burger?

      A. 40 gms                                       B. 10 kilograms

      C. 4 meters                                    D. 4 kilograms


  1. Which unit of measurement is used to measure weight?

      A. meters and centimeters         B. grams and kilograms

      C. yards and feet                          D. feet and meters


  1. Which of the following tools is used for measuring different objects in inches?

       A. Weighing scale                        B. balance

       C. ruler                                         D. none of these


  1. Which is the longest measure?

       A. 10 meters                                B. 50 millimeters     

       C. 5 centimeters                          D. All are of the same length


  1. Approximately how many square units is the area of the following shape?

       A. 30 square units                      B. 35 square units

       C. 5 square units                         D. 40 square units



(1)–C; (2)–B; (3)–A; (4)–B; (5)–C; (6)–A; (7)–B