Money Test-1

money worksheets grade 2

  1. Tinu has 20p and 30p. How much more money does he need to buy a hotdog?

       A. 5p                   B. 15p                 C. 10p                 D. 20p


  1. Anil bought a pencil for 1.35 Rs., a glue-stick for 3.25 Rs., and a sharpener for 1.40 Rs. How much money did he spend?

       A. Rs 5.95          B. Rs 6.90         C. Rs 5.05          D. Rs 6.00


  1. Lila orders macaroni and pays with three 25p coins. How much change should she get?


       A. Rs 1.30          B. 15p                 C. 30p                D. 20p


  1. 10 paise + ? paise + 70 paise + 20 paise = Rs 1.15

       A. 30                   B. 14                  C. 15                    D. 50


  1. Anil bought two pencils and paid Rs 2. How much change did he get? (Price of one pencil is 75paise)

       A. 45 p                B. 50 p               C. 30 p               D. 40 p


  1. Nihal has 12 coins. Half of the coins are 50p and the rest are 25p. How much money does he have?

       A. Rs 4.50          B. Rs 1.50          C. Rs 2.80         D. Rs 4.60


  1. Nikita bought a bag of chips for 6.25 Rs., a can of lemonade for 7.55 Rs. and a bubble gum. She spent Rs 15. How much did the gum cost?

       A. Rs.1.30          B. Rs.1.20          C. Rs.1.25          D. Rs.1.15


  1. What is the total value of the following coins?

       A. Rs 32.03       B. Rs 7.28          C. Rs 5.75          D. Rs 5.30


  1. Count the money shown in the picture.

       A. 15 Rs              B. 20 Rs             C. 25 Rs             D. 17 Rs


  1. How many Rs can you get with three hundred twenty paisa?

       A. 3.20 Rs         B. 2.20 Rs          C. 1.20 Rs          D. 3 Rs


  1. How do you write one rupee and thirty five paisa in numerical form?

       A. Rs 1.30          B. Rs 1.35          C. Rs 1.53          D. Rs 135


  1. ? paise + 25 paise = 75 paise

       A. 40                  B. 10                   C. 15                   D. 50


  1. Jatin has notes of three rupees, fifty rupees, two rupees and fifty paise. How much money is that?

       A. Fifty rupees and fifty paise            

       B. Forty five rupees and fifty five paise

       C. Fifty five rupees and fifty paise              

       D. None of these



(1)–C; (2)–D; (3)–D; (4)–C; (5)–B; (6)–A; (7)–B; (8)–B; (9)–D; (10)–A; (11)–B; (12)–D; (13)–C