Science Olympiad Grade 2 Air & Water Test-1

Air & Water

  1. Fast and strong winds are called:

(A) breeze         (B) storm           (C) wind             (D) earthquakes


  1. Look at the pictures given below.

Which common things they all need?

(A) Water          (B) Air                (C) Sun               (D) Thread

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  1. Observe the figure carefully. What will happen if a­ glass is put over a burning candle?

(A) The candle keeps burning   (B) The candle goes off

(C) The candle shrinks in size   (D) None of these


These are the _______ form of water.

(A) solid             (B) liquid           (C) gas                (D) none of these


  1. Air occupies space and has:

(A) weight                                      (B) force           

(C) both A & B                               (D) temperature


  1. Identify the instrument given below.

(A) Lactometer                             (B) Wind vane

(C) Balance                                    (D) Rainguage


  1. Windmills are used to:

(A) pump water                           (B) produce electricity

(C) grind grains                            (D) all of the above


  1. Evaporation is:

(A) changing ice into water by heating

(B) changing ice into water vapour by heating

(C) changing water into ice by cooling

(D) changing water into water vapour by heating


  1. Matter can undergo changes. When water boils:

(A) liquid turns to a solid           (B) solid turns to a liquid

(C) liquid turns to a gas              (D) gas turns to a solid


  1. Which of these activities does NOT need wind?

(A) A windmill rotating

(B) A boat sailing in the sea

(C) A parachute in the sky

(D) None of these


Answers Keys:

(1)–(B); (2)–(B); (3)–(C); (4)–(A); (5)–(C); (6)–(B); (7)–(D); (8)–(D); (9)–(C); (10)–(B)