Science Olympiad Grade 2 Animal Life Test-1

Animal Life

  1. Which of the following is NOT pet animal?

(A) Cat                        (B) Bear

(C) Dog                          (D) Rabbit


  1. We get food from plants and animals. Which of these is obtained from animals?

(A) Pulses                                       (B) Groundnuts

(C) Sugar                                        (D) Cheese

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  1. The valuable part of elephant is:

(A) ears              (B) teeth             (C) trunk            (D) none of these.


  1. Birds are the only animals that have:

(A) wings           (B) legs               (C) feathers       (D) tails.


  1. Deers are eaten by:

 (A) grass                      (B) cheetah

(C) rabbit                  (D) sheep


  1. Rhinoceros are hunted for their

(A) horns           (B) bones           (C) tusks             (D) skin


  1. _______ live in holes dug by other animals.

(A) Snakes                (B) Rabbit

(C) Rat                     (D) Squirrel


  1. Humans and animals need shelters to:

(A) breathe

(B) help them grow

(C) protect themselves from danger

(D) stay alive


  1. Which of the following does NOT belong to the group formed by others?

(A)    Fish                 (B) Turtle

(C) Dolphin           (D) Grasshopper


  1. A panda is a/an ______ animal.

(A) extinct                                   (B) endangered                  

(C) aquatic                                   (D) domestic


Answer Keys

(1)–(B); (2)–(D); (3)–(B); (4)–(C); (5)–(B); (6)–(A); (7)–(A); (8)–(C); (9)–(D); (10)–(B)