Science Olympiad Grade 2 Human Body Test-1

Human Body

  1. The ______ system removes waste from our body.

(A) digestive      (B) circulatory  (C) excretory    (D) nervous


  1. What food do babies need to help them to grow?

(A) Apple                   (B) Milk

(C) Honey             (D) Chocolate


  1. Ribcage protects the:

 (A) brain                   (B) kidneys

(C) lungs                  (D) stomach





  1. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

(A) Drink plenty of water

(B) Eat green vegetables everyday

(C) Eat a balanced diet

(D) All of the above


  1. Drink water that has been boiled because boiling kills:

(A) microbes            (B) fish

(C) soil                      (D) none of these


  1. We need _______ to walk, run, play and to do work.

(A) air                         (B) soil

(C) water                   (D) energy


  1. Consuming fruits and vegetables help us to fight:

(A) diseases       (B) soldiers       (C) organs         (D) none of these


  1. The place where two or more bones are joined together is called a:

(A) muscle                      (B) skeleton

(C) joint                    (D) elbow


  1. Which of these minerals makes our bones strong?

(A) Calcium      (B) Chlorine      (C) Oxygen        (D)Iron.


  1. A good posture help us to stay healthy. Which of the following postures do you think is correct?

(A)                            (B)

(C)                                       (D)


Answer Keys:

(1)–(C); (2)–(B); (3)–(C); (4)–(D); (5)–(A); (6)–(D); (7)–(A); (8)–(C); (9)–(A); (10)–(A)