Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-1

Money Worksheet


  1. The original price of a baseball bat was Rs.20.50 and after the Christmas Sale it was Rs.14.00. By how much did the price of the baseball bat reduce?

       A. Rs.4.50         B. Rs.5.75          C. Rs.6.50         D. Rs.7.50


  1. Krishna made this graph to show the number of hours that he worked for four weeks. If Krishna earned Rs. 60 an hour, how much money did he earn during week 2?

       A. Rs. 120          B. Rs. 240         C. Rs. 300         D. Rs.420

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  1. I have Rs.18.50 with me. How much short of Rs.20 is this money?

       A. Rs.1.25          B. Rs.0.75         C. Rs.2.50         D. Rs.1.50


  1. Anurag bought 2 books for Rs. 40 each and 3 pencils for Rs. 3 each. Which number sentence can be used to find the total amount of money in rupees Anurag spent?

       A. 42 + 6 = □    B. 42 × 9 = □    C. 80 × 6 = □    D. 80 + 9 = □


  1. Nisha had Rs.3.35. Her brother gives her Rs.5.50 more. How much money does she have now?

       A. Rs.8.50         B. Rs.8.85         C. Rs.7.85          D. Rs.8.80


  1. Asha bought apples that were priced at 2 apples for Rs. 18. What was the total cost of 5 apples?

       A. Rs. 28            B. Rs. 36            C. Rs. 45            D. Rs. 90


  1. Lisa has Rs.8.50 in her piggy bank and her brother Tony has Rs.7.75 in his piggy bank. How much more money does Lisa have than Tony has?

       A. 50 paise        B. One rupee     C. 25 paise         D. 75 paise


  1. Plain balloons cost Rs. 12 each. Fancy balloons cost Rs. 16 each. What would be the total cost for 3 plain and 5 fancy balloons?

       A. Rs. 140          B. Rs. 116           C. Rs. 119           D. Rs.89


  1. Round Rs.3.75 to the nearest one rupee.

       A. Rs.3               B. Rs.4               C. Rs.3.50         D. Rs.5


  1. After buying a notebook for Rs. 10.75, Ravi had Rs. 12.25 left. Which sentence could be used to find out how much money he had before he bought the notebook?

       A. Rs. 10.75 – □ = Rs.12.25

       B. □ +Rs.12.25 = Rs.10.75

       C. □ – Rs.10.75 = Rs.12.25       

       D. Rs.10.75 + □ = Rs.12.25


(11)–C; (12)–C; (13)–D; (14)–D; (15)–B; (16)–C; (17)–D; (18)–B; (19)–B; (20)–C