(1)     How many Gold Medals did Andra Pradesh win?


          A. 9                     B. 6                     C. 3                     D. 5


(2)    The table shows number of toy factories each country shown below have.

          How many toy factories are in Mumbai?

         Toy Factories

          A. 4                     B. 1                      C. 2                     D. 3


(3)    Who ate least number of strawberries?

         Strawberries Eaten

          A. Asha               B. Jitu                 C. Dia                 D. Karina


(4)    The table below shows the number of books read by Tarun, Manu, Nikhil and Ankit during their summer vacation. How many books did Nikhil read?

         Books Read

          A. 4                     B. 3                     C. 2                     D. 5



(1)-D; (2)-D; (3)-B; (4)-A