Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-10

Money Worksheet


  1. Satwik wants to buy an ice cream which costs Rs. 18. He checks his pocket and finds that he has these coins.

       Which of the following is true?

       A. Satwik can buy the ice cream and be left with 50 paise.

       B. Satwik cannot buy the icecream because he will fall short by 3 rupee and 50 paise.

       C. Satwik cannot buy the ice cream because he will fall short by 2 rupees and 50 paise.

       D. Satwik can buy the ice cream and be left with 1 rupee and 50 paise.


  1. In India, the unit of currency is:

       A. paise              B. dollar             C. rupee             D. None of these

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  1. Deepti needs Rs. 75 to buy a ticket at the movie theatre. Which group of money has a value, of Rs. 75?






  1. If 5 pencils cost of Rs. 25, what is the cost of 1 pencil?

       A. 6 rupees        B. 7 rupees        C. 10 rupees      D. 5 rupees


  1. Ram wants to change his 5 rupees note by 50 paise coins. How many coins will he get?

       A. 10                  B. 5                      C. 20                   D. 15



(21)–B; (22)–C; (23)–B; (24)–D; (25)–A